The Advertisement Spot Everyone is Talking About


It reassures me that I picked the right major when I see advertisements go viral for a good cause or send a meaningful message. It feels great to see a spark in conversation around a stigma or issue all from a minute spot that a team dreamed up. These moments remind me why I want to go into the world of advertising because of the impact something so small can have.

The latest campaign the social world is buzzing about is BBDO New York’s ‘Evan’. The 2 minute and 30 second spot was created for Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit organization founded by the family members who lost loved ones at the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

The spot sends a grim message that unfortunately many people miss warning signs leading up to suicide or other horrific acts. It reminds us that there are many people out there struggling, but we become distracted by other life events and often miss the red flags.

When awful events such as Sandy Hook happen it’s up to the survivors to create hope for the future, and BBDO did a fantastic job to hopefully prevent gun violence and increase suicide awareness. If anything, it has sparked a conversation worldwide about the issue.

‘Evan’ is a great example of how advertising can do more than sell products or services – advertisements have the potential to create change.

Watch ‘Evan’ 

Read more about ‘Evan’ 


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