I Created An Entire Ad Campaign in 24 Hours



This past weekend I took part in UNC’s 2016 Crash Campaign. For the 3rd year in a row, 85 students came together to compete against each other and see who could come up with the best campaign for their client. All we had was a problem, a client brief, 24 hours and a lot of caffeine.

My team’s client was MiracleFeet – a local non-profit that provides treatment globally to children born with clubfoot. The common birth defeat turns one or both feet inward and the child loses the ability to walk. In low income areas of the world these children are often abused, illiterate and grow up in poverty.

Our task was to combine soccer and clubfoot to create a campaign that would turn soccer fans into donors. But why soccer? MiracleFeet’s celebrity spokesperson is Ali Krieger, USWNST defender. When Ali engages with MiracleFeet on social media their numbers skyrocket, but they weren’t sure how to capture this audience and turn them into donors.

My team discovered that Ali’s audience is teenager girls, who are not likely to be donors themselves, but her mom might be. We created a campaign called #GivePlay to target soccer moms who enjoy watching her children play soccer and are emphatic toward those who might not have the same opportunity. Our tagline was “Every child deserves the chance to play.” We then pitched our idea to a panel of judges from the top local agencies. Be sure to check out our work on my website.

Unfortunately our work was not picked by the client, but we can’t all be winners. While I didn’t take away a piece of paper, I did learn a lot about myself and the advertising process.

1. I really like the creative and strategy side of advertising

2. The best ideas come from bouncing ideas off one another

3. I like the idea of working for a non-profit or smaller brand and the ability to see a tangible outcome to hard work

4. I can stay awake for a lot longer than I thought

This weekend was a great experience and I’m really proud of the work my team and I created in only 24 hours. Go check it out!


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