I find it funny that this blog post is supposed to be a reflection on this class and what I have taken away from it and as I’m writing this I can see the reflection of myself in my computer screen, because that’s what mass media is – a reflection.

A reflection of what we as society have created and how it affects every aspect of our lives. From the things we have created – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Emojis – to what is still to come.

The most significant thing I took away from this class is that mass media is constantly changing in unpredictable ways. Everything now, and will continue, to revolve around mass media. It’s shaping society for better or worse. It’s fun to sit around and try to think up what the future might hold, but no one knows.

Who will take over the world first – Google or Facebook? In just five years how we will get our news? Where will we get it from? Phones, tablets, journalists, Joe Shmo who happened to witness an event and put it on the Internet for everyone to see? Will my closet ever pick out outfits for me based on the weather? I sure hope so.

Sometimes in class I would wonder what the class was like last semester. What new technologies did they talk about in class. Then I wonder what it would be like next semester, or in another year. Each day of class was malleable because nothing stays the same, and that was my favorite part. Even someones point in a class discussion would take the subject in a completely new direction, changing the entire idea of the day. But that’s OK because that’s reality. Mass media is constantly changing.

So my biggest take away points:

  • Mass media is forever changing.
  • Anyone can think of the next big idea.
  • The future is infinite possibilities.
  • Some ideas are better than others.
  • We laughed and hated on certain ideas in class, but I bet in 20 years we won’t be laughing. Instead we’ll remember when we thought drones delivering mail was absurd or would never pay per article as we pay per article and our mail is flown to our houses.
  • The Internet is both a good and a bad thing.
  • I actually enjoy blogging.

So thanks Professor Robinson for opening my eyes to a giant world of mass media and what’s going on around me. For making me think outside the box and dream up the future.




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