New Emojis on Snapchat

When Snapchat last updated many people were upset you could no longer see who your friends best friends were, or the top 3 people each person Snapchatted the most.

Today Snapchat released a simple solution. Now next to your friend’s name, an emoji might appear. The emojis each mean something. For example, a heart means you are each others top bf or best friend (not boyfriend).

photo 2 (1)              photo 1 (2)


Emojis have become a new sort of language. Either talking completely in emojis or as Snapchat has done, combining the use of simple symbols to communicate a message. Emojis combined with Snapchat gives people a way to keep tabs on their friends and see who they are Snapchatting in relation to who you are. Gone are the days of keeping secrets. Social media bears them all.


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