Who Wants To Go To Duke Anyway

We’ve all been rejected from something. In a relationship, a job or the dreaded college rejection letter.

But 17-year-old Siobhan O’Dell, from North Carolina, wasn’t going to accept a “no”. She responded to Duke University with a rejection letter rejecting their rejection letter, and it went viral.

She spoke to MailOnline about how she realized how much power universities have over students and how much a simple answer affects students. She said she wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Duke responded to her letter with a standard response that she could reapply, but did not appeal their decision.

Even though she didn’t get into Duke, she announced she’ll be going to University of Southern California in the fall.

The image of her letter went viral after she posted it on Tumblr. BuzzSumo compiled a list of why things go viral and her letter fits a few of the categories. While it didn’t have an images which usually helps increase shares, her letter invoked awe, laughter and amusement, which gets the most shares.

Siobhan’s rejection letter to Duke is light hearted and funny and therefore went viral. Everyone can relate to being rejected but not many people can say they rejected the rejecter.


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