Yesterday in class we talked about GoFundMe, a website where anyone can create a page about what they need money for (trip, project, etc.) and ask others to help fund them. As my classmate Lauren said in her blog about GoFundMe, it’s an example of a piece of the internet being put to good use. A heart warming example of people helping one another that would not be possible without the internet.

I think GoFundMe is great, but another worthy website to talk about is Similar to GoFundMe, Change is a platform for people to create a page with a goal in mind. But instead of asking for monetary help, all they are asking for is a signature. People create petitions instead of bank accounts on Change and reach out to large audiences for help.

My cousin made a Change page to create a petition to create a “Healthy Relationships” merit badge for Boy Scouts. In a letter to the president of Boy Scouts of American, he’s asking for the Boy Scouts to create the badge to teach equality to young boys and to learn to deal with their emotions in positive ways to establish healthy relationships later in life. (I encourage you all to go sign it here).

While money does make a difference, it’s not the only thing that helps. Even signing your name and showing support can help. Time Magazine wrote that Change is a “Spectacular demonstration of the way ordinary folks can now mobilize extraordinary support for their causes.” People can make a difference and with mass media make that difference come true even faster than ever before imaged. In just a week my cousin has over 1,800 signatures on his petition. People have a lot of power to help and make dreams become a reality.


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