Grab The Photo Albums… Or Not.


My mother used to always say that if the house was burning down, grab the photo albums. Huge binders of photos fill a small cabinet in my house. Everything from baby pictures, family vacations and birthday parties – it’s all documented in print form.

Yet the massive amounts of photos started to dwindle out when my brother and I reached middle school aged. Not only because we weren’t quite as adorable to photograph as we were when we were younger, but photos were starting to become digital. Instead of taking pictures to Wolf Camera to be developed, it was much simpler to upload them to the computer and then use a online site such as Snapfish or Shutterfly to have the print copies mailed to our home.

Then towards the end of middle school everyone started getting Facebook pages and digital photo albums quickly replaced actual ones. Now my mother doesn’t even bother to upkeep the photo albums she spent so much time creating. After any major event she creates a Facebook album to share with friends and family online, e-mails the Snapfish album to my grandparents and then orders a few hard copies for herself.

In Bailey’s blog she wrote that 200,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute. People (including Bailey) are addicted to our cameras and now the next generation will only be able to show you their photos digitally. A few traditionalist will hold on, but now it’s much easier to upload pictures online and keep thousands of photos in the cloud, never having to worry about losing them. The cloud is a magical place. Get a new phone? All your photos can be easily synced on to it. Fires can no longer destroy a lifetime of memories.

Gone are the days of pulling out albums filled with embarrassing naked baby pictures. Instead we’ll all create digital albums and swipe through photos on our phone or Facebook page instead of compiling real photo albums. So don’t worry about grabbing the photo albums, it’s all online anyway.





  1. Larry · March 20, 2015

    Maybe the photos will be there and maybe they won’t. What about movies on VHS or Super 8. Today there is almost no practical way to watch these. What if the Cloud crashes, or what if Snapfish and Shutterfly go out of business or are replaced by new technologies (which they will be). Yes, printing photos and placing them in albums is dated and not that practical. And yes, they can be destroyed by fire or water. However, today we have real photos of grandparents, their parents, and even earlier. Think of all the historical photos we have as a society (thank you to Kodak and negatives). If there is no record of a photo did it really happen?


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