Smartphone Pinky?

Don’t worry, it’s not real. But the rumors on Twitter had me hooked for awhile until Snopes disproved it.

Japan’s largest mobile service provider posted a picture on their Twitter warning people about “smartphone pinky.” If you hold your phone in one hand, your pinky naturally rests on the bottom. Do this enough and they warned it could cause a deformity in your finger.

“Cell phone elbow” and “Blackberry thumb” are other claimed mobile related injuries, but Snopes said they are all a bunch of bunk. The image the Japanese company posted is probably of a person with the condition, clinodactyly, where the person has a slight curve in their finger. Or the photo was simply photoshopped. Other pains from over using a phone is called a repetitive strain injury.

Yes I’m gullible. But the idea seemed probable to me and I apologize to all my friends I had convinced it was a real thing as well. Lesson learned – our pinkies are safe from deformity and don’t believe everything on the internet.


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