Think Before You Post

Today my Facebook timeline was flooded with Spring Break pictures. Tiny bikinis and tons of drinking photos filled the screen as I scrolled on and on trying to move past it. While these pictures may seem harmless, all I can think of is the long term effect. When you post a picture it is out there forever. Your page may be set on private, but if someone else is tagged in it then all their friends can see it and if their page isn’t private, the picture is fair game. On a group page Facebook shows the admin of the page what the reach of a certain post is – or how many people saw it. I think Facebook should do that for personal pages too, to show especially college students how many people really see their photo. I bet the result would be surprising.

I know at this age often kids don’t really care who sees their personal information. “I’ve got nothing to hide” is a common phrase among young adults. Yes, at 20 you may have nothing to hide, but in 5, 10, 15 years you may start to wish you had filtered yourself a bit better. So before you post something, think about it.

This might seem elementary, but I think sets a good standard for what should and shouldn’t be put online for anyone to see. Because deleting one photo is a lot easier than having to explain to a future employer (or your parents) your wild Spring Break trip in college.


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