3D Picture Taking App

Once again I am amazed at the things people come up with. And no Professor Robinson this isn’t just another blog post about a new app. Well kind of, but I believe its an app that could possibly change picture taking forever.

Introducing- Fyuse. A new app claiming to be better than Instagram because it offers users a 360 degree/ 3D view of the picture. Up until now, people are used to looking at pictures in 2D. With Fyuse, you take sort of a video of your choosing (car, person, object, etc) and when someone looks at your picture they have to tilt their phone around like an interactive game to see the entire object. (Ironically Fyuse has an Instagram page with over 25K followers)

People have claimed for awhile that holograms will be the thing of the future, and I think this is a step closer towards it. Interactivity has been the future of social media and this app takes it to a whole new level. When I first watched the video I thought seeing the whole car was pretty cool, but when he showed the girl in a bikini I was a little creeped out. Fyuse has the ability to be extremely pervasive, but also influential in changing picture taking.

I think this could change not only the way people view photos online but also advertising. Companies can post 3D images with the app of their product. No longer will customers have to click through 20 pictures to see every aspect of the car or a dress. Now by simply tilting your phone around you can easily view the entire product.

So I think if I had a company I would download this app no question. As a college aged student, I don’t think I’ll rush to download it. I don’t feel the need for my friends to see myself in 3D, other than it would be really cool. I do think in the next few years, apps like Fyuse will take over creating even more interactivity in picture sharing and social media.


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