Creative Use of The Web

My bat mitzvah invitation was pink and brown and said You’re Invited across the top. Pretty standard, but I thought it was awesome. It doesn’t even compare to this boy who made a hilarious video inviting guests to his bar mitzvah.

He remixed popular songs, used his family as guest stars and dressed up (or down) for the part. Brody Criz’s video currently has over 135,000 views on Youtube. Not a super large number, but a number I expect to grow after the publicity it got today on top sites such as Mashable and Reddit. *13 days later it had over 1.9 million views*

His funny video is a good example of creatively using the internet for a personal purpose. His parents probably spent just as much paying a videographer to film the invitation then they would have spent to spend out paper invites. People all over the world can easily watch it at the same time. A video eliminates the waste that a normal invitation would create when people just throw it out in the garbage and everyone gets a laugh. And come on. Who wouldn’t want to attend after seeing that.


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