Well Done New York Times

Once again the New York Times has set the bar high and lived up to their high journalistic standard. They published today a story titled Chapel Hill Killer’s Rage Went Beyond Parking Dispute. The investigation piece walked the reader through the prior events leading up to the horrific killing of three students near UNC. Jonathan Katz paints a picture of Razan, Yusor and Deah’s day before they arrived home on February 10 only to be shot and murdered in their home by their neighbor Craig Hicks.

Katz’s story gives a much wanted insight on Craig Hicks and why he could have done something like this. Hick’s is described as a different kind of neighbor who obsessed over parking. From the article it seems the couple did every reasonable thing to prevent a problem, even printing out a map of the parking lot and highlighting where their friends could park when they came to visit to avoid further confrontation with Hicks. His motive will never be known, but I think the story finally gives details of the situation that many people have been waiting for.

There might be some bias in the way the story tends to lean against Hicks, but it is hard to justify killing three people in cold blood. Overall, I think this is an excellent example of investigation journalism and a well written story. It had me reading until the very end last sentence and I encourage you to go do the same.


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