Welcome to Zee-Town

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg announced his plan to build a Facebook company campus in Menlo Park, California where Facebook Inc is located. “Zee-town” will be designed by 85 year old german architect, Frank Gehry, who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Spain. Across 200 acres, the $120 million community for 10,000 employees will consist of a 394-unit housing company for employees to be close to work. Ranging from high priced luxurious villas to dorms for trainees, Zee- town plans to have it all.

Zee-town will also have anything any other American town would have. From sports bar to doggy day cares, supermarkets, hotels and other luxurious accommodations for employees and their families to enjoy. The eco-friendly town will have charging stations and oak trees on the roofs to make it blend in with nature.

Mark Zuckerberg recently built a $10 million home 20 minutes from the site, so he probably most likely will not live in Zee town himself.

Mass media is integrating itself into the domestic sphere of people’s lives. Everything is becoming interconnected. While Zuckerberg isn’t the first boss to build a town for their company, it raises the idea of a new working world where people live right where they work. Many Americans commute long hours for their job, sometimes taking multiple modes of transportation. Think about it. If you live in walking distance there’s no traffic, no dirty packed subway ride, no expensive taxi ride. Zuckerberg might be on to how to create eco-friendly towns. It’s hard to adapt an already existing town to include eco-friendly characteristics. But creating one from scratch allows designers to build knowing the problems created by existing cities.

I think Facebook is also the perfect company to do this. Zuckerberg has more money than he probably knows what to do with (he owns 5 houses on the same street near the campus), and Facebook Inc in Menlo Park employees over 7,000 people.

Living down the street from where you work could have its ups and downs, but the plan for Zee-town kind of makes me want to work for Facebook, not that I wouldn’t have wanted to before.




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