Tweets In Your Google Searches

Google just announced that Twitter has agreed to give Google access to allow tweets to show up in search results. Less people are joining twitter and stock values aren’t growing as rapidly as they used to. The goal of this is to increase followers while broadening the content and no advertising revenue will be involved.

From the Bloomberg article about the new addition – The deal means “more opportunities for Twitter to convert, and possibly monetize, logged-out users,” he said. It will also increase the frequency that people with Twitter accounts check the site, he added.“For Google, we believe search results will be enhanced by access to real-time tweets and a much broader amount of content,” Anmuth wrote.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this. I don’t want to see someone else’s tweets when I Google something. I know Twitter is a marketplace of ideas and opinions, but I would rather them stay on my timeline where I have the ability to choose which opinions I want to see rather than all of them be blasted on my Google searches.

I also have a lot of questions with the new additions – who’s tweets are they going to show? Will celebrities be highlighted first or an average joe? Will Twitter censor them at all before posting them?

I guess time will tell on how incorporating Twitter to Google works and I’m sure the vast publics’ opinions will shape whether it stays or is quickly taken down.


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