SkyTran – a taxi for the sky

Watch out Uber. You might one day be replaced by SkyTran – levitating pods that move around cities above the streets on elevated ramps. Need a ride? Call SkyTran on your smart phone and the driverless pod will pull up and take you to where you wish to go.

The project will first be piloted outside Tel Aviv, Israel around late 2015. The innovators then hope to build the system on a larger scale in Tel Aviv for public use within the next three years. The system will cost $10 million per mile, but use only one-third of electricity that a hybrid car uses because it weighs only 300 pounds.

The goal is to then expand SkyTran across Europe and Asia, but some worry that the system will only add extra infrastructure. You’ll need an elevator like station to take people up and down to the pods and the railways themselves will clutter the skies.

Yet, I could completely see something like this happening. For years people have dreamed of flying cars and I think this is pretty darn close. Cut down on gas, traffic, pollution – there are so many bonuses. Any project is extremely expensive at the beginning and with the population only growing the only option it seems is to build up. SkyTran would also be personalized, which is what sells in media today. Everyone wants what they want when they want it. Who wouldn’t want to get across the city in 3 minutes instead of sitting in a hour worth of traffic? So watch out Uber. Instead of calling for a taxi people soon might be calling for a SkyTran instead.


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