Goodbye Google Glasses

google glass

After reading Laura’s blog post about Ray Kurzweil’s predictions for the next 25 years I noticed that in 1999 he predicted that computer displays will be built into eyeglasses, which became a reality in 2009. While he was right, Google Glass didn’t quite make it and Google is closing the program.

CNN posted an interesting article – Google Glass: What went wrong. To sum it up, consumers didn’t see the value in Google glasses and weren’t willing to pay $1500 for them. The glasses caused privacy and intellectual concerns resulting in people asked to leave bars and movie theaters and the term “Glasshole” was quickly coined for people who wore them around. The once innovative idea simply didn’t work.

I had a chance last year to play with a pair of Google glasses and I wasn’t impressed. They were hard to use and very sensitive. It was impossible to focus on the content on the lenses and what was going on around you. I did like that you were able to touch the side of the glasses to take a picture and then email it to yourself. I could see the potential in the glasses, but there were too many issues with the prototype for it to be successful at this time.

Interestingly others have predicted the integration of technology into clothing, “…more people will wear the Internet…” and believed the glasses to be the first step. With the failure of Google glasses I think this will set back that prediction. Google said developers can keep making new apps for the glasses, but what is the incentive with the product off the market. I think as far as the Internet in clothes, companies will stick with watches and bracelets for now, which have been slowly taking off. I have a hard time imagining a Google shirt or skirt anytime soon.


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