Thanks Nieman Lab

Two days ago I posted a blog post about Snapchat Discover, along with many of my classmates, and the story was picked up by Nieman Lab – a journalism institution at Harvard. Written by Joshua Benton he discusses the new feature on Snapchat and American teen and young adults reactions. I feel honored to be quoted on such a prestigious website that so many major journalists read daily.


photo (1)                        photo

This experience has taught me not only to be extra careful now what I post because you never know who may see it, but also how fast media can explode. When I wrote the blog post I thought I would be super speedy and try and write about it the same day Discover launched. I didn’t end up publishing my blog post until later that afternoon and already the Internet had exploded with reactions to the app.

The digital era is one of a tremendous amount of information moving at an incredible speed. Even as I write this I’m sure some new thing has come out and has people talking. The Internet is truly a place for innovation where everyone is a journalist. So thanks Neiman Lab for allowing others to read my thoughts and helping to bring a small college student’s blog into the light of major journalists everywhere.


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