When Should You Post?

A big question surrounding social media is when is the best time to post your content? Companies study this intensely, trying to figure out when they should tweet or blog in order to get the most eyeballs on their content. So when are the best times? TrackMaven released this research last year from various studies they conducted. (All times are EST).

A lot of the information above makes sense. People check social media sites the most in the mornings when they wake up, during a lunch break and at night before bed. I’m not really sure why Thursdays are so popular, maybe because you can finally take a breather from a busy week that’s almost over. It’s important to note that the ages the studies were conducted on are not listed. I think when adults check social media and when college students do are very different and this could skew the data. College students (for the most part) check constantly. Right when they wake up, when eating breakfast, before class, during class, after class and so on. The data from above seems to pertain more to a working adult than a student.

But still I think it’s an interesting topic to think about. I have friends who will delete pictures on Instagram if they do not get a certain number of likes. Maybe after reading this they’ll know it’s the most effective to post on Instagram between 8-9 pm on Monday nights.


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  1. cehudson · January 31, 2015

    This is such a cool graphic! I agree that the times make sense for the most part. I’m always checking social media when I wake up and when I’m about to go to sleep. When I was working at my internship over the summer, I would also catch up on what I missed while taking a lunch break. I have no concrete ideas about Thursday’s popularity. Maybe it’s because most people get caught up in a busy week or maybe they just have more to tell at the end of the week. Maybe it’s that they see a light at the end of the dark tunnel of a work week and want to make weekend plans. Either way, you can start to see the age divides in the chart results. I think blogs and email are used more comfortably by older generations, so the most popular times for posts are earlier in the day. By the time 11 a.m. rolls around, these media users have been up early for work and can take a break before the afternoon hours. Younger generations are crazy about Instagram, so the popular posting times are naturally later in the day. That probably accounts for all of us college students sleeping late. You can really see the difference between how working adults and students use social media.


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