The Future of Social Media

Today there were 60 million pictures uploaded on Instagram (mine included). There were 500 million tweets posted and 4 billion videos viewed on Youtube. Social media has exploded over my lifetime and I think will continue to exponentially grow for many years to come.

To predict where something is going I think you first have to look at where it’s been. CNBC posted an interesting video – the History of Social Media in 90 Seconds. The history of social media during my lifetime can be condensed to just 90 seconds, it blows my mind. From Myspace, which I was too young to be allowed to get, to Linkedin, which I have just made to create my “professional profile,” and Facebook, where my first profile picture was me up in the chair at my bat mitzvah. Almost my entire life can be traced on social media just like many of my peers. It’s scary and thrilling at the same time.

So what does the future of social media hold? I have no idea. No one does. We can only plot and dream about the future and its endless possibilities. One of my favorite Disney Channel movies as a kid was called Smart House. It was about a fully automated dream house the boy had won in a contest. His family moved into the house with a hologram maid who did all the cooking and cleaning. Entire walls were interactive screens and the maid had control over all media from their phone to email address book (it was made in 1999 pre-facebook, twitter, instagram, etc). It’s fun to dream about an interactive home but I don’t think it’s very far off. Soon our entire lives will be automated by virtual beings (sorry but Siri just isn’t cutting it for me). Everything in our world will be interactive. From the clothes we wear to the walls of our homes, everything will be touched and spoken to “interact” with others and stay updated on the world around us. Nothing will not be online or available at a push of a button. The trick will be for companies to figure out how to monopolize off the change and whoever does it first will be nicely rewarded.

In the meantime, we tweet and post pictures and statuses documenting our lives, waiting for the next app to be invented to keep posting everything about ourselves to the virtual world. Because privacy? What’s that?


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